Saturday, 30 June 2012
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Look what have you done

▸ Euro 2012 ... ♬
Thursday, 28 June 2012
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Bye Ronaldo, Bye Portugal.
Love Spain! Viva la Espana ^__^

▸ Top wishes ... ♬
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haip haippp...
im here again :) Do you mind im here again? Do you ever have a wish in your life? For sure la kan.
Everybody have their own wish in their life.
To get a better life, or become a better person, we must have a wish to achieve :)
So, here i wanna share my wishes to you all.

so....there are my wishes. How about you? :)

▸ hair style :) ... ♬
Wednesday, 27 June 2012
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Haip loyal-ghost-in-my-blog !
hye there! i guess you're new here, because i notice that a lots of ghost here than before ^___^
hihi i know im not update this blog for a longggg longggg time.
why? because i have a lots of work to do.
As you know, i just finish my study at Allied Health Science College at Sungai Buloh 
about 2 weeks oredy.
i just wanna make my holiday this time, really enjoyable!
so im busy watching tv, eating, sleeping :)
and didn't get a time to update blog :)
well, moreover there is nobody wanna read my not-cool blog :)

so, today why i have a time to update blog? because im bored to death.
Sorry my not-cool blog, im only update you whenever i feel really bored :)

when im scolling my home facebook, i just found this, and this is cool :)
when i said cool, i really mean it :)


so, what do you think??
i just love all the style! so beautiful :)
its too gorgeous, i guess.
so, which one you prefer? :)

▸ Story of hashtags ... ♬
Saturday, 26 May 2012
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I've found this when scolling the hashtags of this--> 


I think this is so funny :)
And I love it!
Judge yourself :)

▸ sayang ... ♬
Tuesday, 22 May 2012
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Nak cakap pasal cinta, tapi aku tak tau nak cakap camne. Yang aku tahu, i love you sampai mati and i wanna stay beside you, susah atau senang and make you happy until the end.And one more things, i miss you.

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