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Friday, 14 October 2011
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want say something that the verse start with 'DON'T'

DON'T insult others.
DON'T judge people who u do not know better.
DON'T show off ur wealth.
DON'T order people to do something they dont like.
DON'T make someone crying because of you.
DON'T show ur stupidness.
DON'T talk about something you dont know.
DON'T ever hurt someone who love you more than you know.
DON'T talk behind.
DON'T lie.

just don't do this at anywhere in this world.we dont know who do not like our attitude.
some myfriends said,'just be nice&we can get the rewards from others :)'
although sometimes aku pon ade buat,not sometimes la,but often,so this is reminds for me oso.aku pon bukan perfect.okay :)

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