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Friday, 28 October 2011
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this song is dedicate to you.
dazzlyn kennedy , today is your day .
do enjoy it .

dazzlyn kennedy . . . 

-Friendship will last a lifetime, when we're understand each other, without selfishness involved .
-When people don’t appreciate your work, remember: God appreciates all things that you do.
-Trust ur problems to God, but remember.. God won't help u if u don't wanna help urself first. 
-Never underestimate the effects of your kindness. You may not see the results, but it’s out there.
-The beauty of face will fade as time goes, but the beauty of heart will grow as you matured.
-Be thankful for who you are. Because there might be someone out there who wishes to be you.
-When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, remember that God has given you a thousand reasons to smile. 
-let no one hurt u or push u around. Stay fly, and remember.. Tears mess up ur make up!
-Life is short and temporary. Don't waste it with your stress just because you can't get what you want.
-When you know something bad happens for the better, you find happiness in your pain.

this quote was stolen by me from twitter ihatequotes .
:) peace ^^ 
love ya :)

birthday gurl :)

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