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Thursday, 27 October 2011
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done watching this movie with my younger brothers.hehe
it's a story about a group of friends that decide to go snowmobiling during their winter break. They make a "wrong turn", getting lost in a storm, and seek shelter in an abandoned sanatorium. They are completely isolated by the storm and are thankful they can get out of the elements. But the sanatorium has a troubled past, and some of its former patients still reside there and are not happy about the intrusion. In a deadly game of cat and mouse, the college kids must fight to survive the night.
opss..just for 18years old & above :)
*sy jadi penapis bg adik2 sy.skip,skip part yg xbley diorang tengok :) baguskan.kikiki*
some kind of cannibal i guess , their faces so damn ugly .
im not insult them , but it's true.
but,i think wrongturn before this much teribble than this episode.
so,enjoy watching this.
who is allergic with blood,i suggest not to watching this movie coz they play with the blood.eeuuuw :(

the trailer.do watching this :)
have a nice day guys.

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