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Friday, 2 December 2011
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yes,silence may help u.but times will heal everythings.
yes,people can talk about us.but u know something?u cant talk about me until u're in my shoes,then u can talk.
life is not easy as we thought.there's a lots of thorn..i guess.
silence is the best way for now.
im so lucky,many people support me.give me courage to still standing.
just continue walking without look back.not run,also not joging.just walk.step by step.
it's hard to say.it's hard to go through.its killing me.
yes,im dying.

karma law is right.totally right.
what goes around,comes around.
u get back what u give.
u make people sad,someday there will be someone make u sad.
u kill people,people will kill u then.
bear in mind,we're not perfect.

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