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Thursday, 8 December 2011
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hi guys. are u ok there? hope so.
i dont know what to do , suddenly i remember something .

during your childhood time ,
what is the name,that your friend use to call u at that time?
remember that?
haha,me? the name that i hate most -'adik ka'
i hate ittttt! damn .
seriously . haha
why? because i feel sooooo damn small.
why they must call me adik ka? why dont just call me,ika ? gggrrr
especially when my cousin oso call me with that name.
the younger cousin,call me adik ka??im more matured (old actually) than u la,budak!

i dont know why,but i feel it's really annoying me.
i owez ask my mum,why call me adik ka?just call me ika la.
but my mum said,bcoz u're the youngest sibling in our family,(at that time)
so that why we call u with that name-adik ka
but,im owez protest why other cousin oso call me with that annoying name too?
although they're more younger than me :'(
my mum owez wanna make me hepi,then she will tell me that,
bcoz u're look younger than them.
okay,that make me much better :)

but now,i feel that the name is not really annoying pon.
okay what.look young :)
now im 20years old,and im really miss my childhood time.
if i can recall that time -.-

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