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Wednesday, 18 January 2012
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i am not that bad actually .
i just wanna protect what's mine .
but some people doesn't see that .
they just see from negative side , im bad gurl . how can u judge me like that before u know
what's actually happen .

some people only know what's our badness from one side , dont judge a book by it's cover , friend .
i dont know what's your , but im prefer a friend in difficult & easy time . not friend that only
laugh with me in easy time only but left me behind when in difficult time .

think that carefully , friend .
i know i am not that good friend , or good gurl in the world , but
i know how to appreciate my friend .i know how to being beside them when they need me .
i know how to comfort them when they got sad .
i am not a really good friend , but i know what should i do when friends need me .

so , dont point your finger if you really not know the whole story from 2 sides .
it's for reminds me also .

yes , my friend said that im too soft-hearted , but now i know what i should do .
im just protect what's mine . my heart now kindly hard-hearted with people who playing
with my soft-hearted before this .

friends , dont judge me if you really do not know me .
fake-friendship didn't last longer , i think .

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