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Friday, 6 January 2012
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the important things before going back home this chiness new year is
my ticket bus .
its done . i've oredy buy it today .
as i thought , by today many ticket was oredy sold out to terengganu .
see , thank god i still can get it .

i so grateful , i've never buy 2 ways ticket , because i thought i could not buy it
with 2 ways , but suddenly ,
im asking him whether i can buy 2 ways ticket and he said can .
so , i dont have to burden my cousin to take my ticket at k.terengganu .

so now , i've 2 ticket with me :)


yes,another gd news
for this holiday , im not alone . i've maziah with me .
thank god she wanna come back to terengganu with me .
atleast i have friend together with me and im sure abah's worried will
disappear when i tell him later .
good news abah :)

why ? because abah oredy warning me , if there is no one with me when come back to terengganu , then he will never give me permission to come home for this CNY .
so now , he can relax and not too worry about me . hehe

so , im coming home again .

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