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Wednesday, 22 February 2012
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erk. no need to explain to long.
I just wanna say that, 

" I'm not going to court , ever ! Court is soooo damn boring . Please, I wish with all my sincere heart, please dont give me Unit Penyiasatan dan Pendakwaan . I just can't. It's really not me.
I hope that God hear my pray. "
Court just give me a crazy headache. Uhh migrain !
I used went to court, its Shah Alam Court about one year ago. But, at that time, 
I just dont get headache coz we just went in there not more that one hour, but this time, 
the whole day we spent in there. Totally crap. This morning, I went to Parit Buntar Court . its just migrain to me ! #sigh

I just, dont go there anymore. Its not suitable for me.
that all. I must finish my report first. so, bye. have a nice rest -.-

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