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Sunday, 19 February 2012
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I steal from Trending at Twitter .
#IfICouldWishForAnything .

For me, there're a lots of stuff that I wish for . short-term ofcoz.
as a human being, we cannot run from dreaming about something that we wish for .
but its not like waiting something from the sky to give us. Ridiculous .

for me, I am currently waiting for my elaun this thursday to buy something
that I wish for.
What is the stuff ?

- Tudung Bawal Plain.
- High heel.
- Miracle Tab.
- Blackberry.
- New shoes (Work).
- Delicious Food.
- Jeans

Maybe something is missing, but this is only the things that I can remember.
urgghhh I hope I can get those things before March . # I wish

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