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Friday, 10 February 2012
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haip, haip ..
i love Running Man so much . anyone ?
before this i just got from my friend who is 'Kaki Running Man' too , but she only have
from ep1 to ep 60 only . so from the Running Man show , i've discover from where i
can download the show . 

pppffff , pffffff  and i got it !
from ISUBS-SQUAD.COM . and then i start download 
BUT at the site there're have until ep71 only. huh what a shame to me .
serve me right .

Eh , just in time , my friend - BellaBellitos told me that her friend download the show from
this site - KSHOWNOW.NET . as i know , at that site , we only got to watch online not download .
but she told me to register first , only then i can download .
so , i trust her and quickly register . and now , i can download the newest episode ! #huuurreeeyyy

so , anyone who is 'Kaki Running Man' just like me , and
have no idea to download it where .
Just follow this step .

Go to this site .

Just click at Register .
and fill the form .

You may see this after you're done register .


Then just wait they send activation email to your email .
it's take time , trust me .

Once you got the activation email , just follow the order .
active account first , and you may log in the site successful .

Now , just go to Download Section . click there .
find Running Man show , and download which episode you want .
hohohooo , so easy .

go , go register !
im done .

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