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Saturday, 7 April 2012
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Day after day, i became more tired.
A lots of report, research, investigation paper, exam.. Goshh!
Its can't be help, i'm dying. really bad condition.

About 2 days ago, or 3 days ago, i just forgot when, i've got food poisoning.
Yes, too bad its not only me, but my roomate also. All my roomate, actually.
i just didn't know what make us sicks, but i think because of eat an expired bread :'(

What the good news is, my lecturer was posponed our mid-exam from 9th April, to 16th April.
WOhoooo, yes, i'm very happy to death!
you guys just didn't know what is the meaning of this, right?
well, all the tired feel like flying to the sky, and i couldn't see it anymore.
Pfffffff........ *magic*

Well, today i've my pre-test of driving,
another good news for me, Yes! i'm passed!
My godddd, thanks. Thanks uncle! Thanks Mr.Lim!
and thanks for the mcD.

p/s: just love this pic.

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