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Sunday, 22 April 2012
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halu Malaysia, hai Batu Gajah!
well, today i've a little free time to update this entry.
Its not quite important to update, but still i wanna story about what happen yesterday, 
at driving school of mine :)

Yesterday, i went to driving class with mr.Lee.
He told me to do parking, hills ang last on the road.
While i'm trying to do parking, suddenly i heard crush-sound, just like *bangggg*
omaigod! what happen aa? a few people rushing to the parking site number 2, at that time,
i was at parking site number 4. From my sight, i saw a women cried in the car.
Her teacher, consoled her to get out from the car and go take a breath under the tree.
She seems like in fear. Her face was pale. 
i just freeze at the parking site. 

i just make a assumptions that she mistaken the break.
firstly, she only hit the pole, but because of panic, she hit the car infront.
then, bangggg-sound again. pheww.

the car was teribble.
my leg and my hand was shaking, and i told mr.Lee that i'm too scared about this.
and really hope that this can't make me traumatize to do parking.

This wednesday, will be my turn to jpj test.
and i hope everything going smoothly.
#Prayforme :)

i will make sure that :)

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