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Monday, 30 April 2012
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Malaysians, please wake up, guys.
What happen with our country now? Oh great, maybe you guys happy with this silly stuff.
You're Malaysians, right? So what do you expect from this?
Still not grateful having a country that is free from war? free from colonialist?
Yes, i'm too young to talk about this, but i have right too. This is my country, my home. You didn't expect that i will sit and watch only and happy to see Malaysians fight one another? i will not do that.

yes, i think it's about time for Malaysians to realize that the Bersih rallies gave more negative impacts than positive. So sad to see that Malaysians fight each other just like crazy. Even a pregnant women wanna join that event too. Please, i just dont want something bad happen to our Malaysia.
What do you expect from Ambiga? become our PM?
Forgot what she have done before?
i just wanna life in a peace country. Let it be.
Everyone have their own opinion, i respect yours and do respect mine too.
Ask yourself, is this kind of environment that you wanna live?

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