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Saturday, 19 May 2012
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You, yes you.
Can you be mine forever? Its true that I'm not a perfect girl for you.
I'm mad, I'm jealous. But the truth is I love you.
I dont know if I can describe about my feeling to you.
But I know that my heart cant funtion smoothly if you're not in there.
I feel lost when you're not here beside me.
I feel sad when you ignore me. When you did not care about me.
I miss you badly. If you know how much I love you, I'm sure you're not going to make me sad anymore.
I know you will stay here beside me if you know how much I care about you.
If you're really love me, and only me in your heart and life, then I'll be the most happiest girl in the world!

can you be mine forever?

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