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Friday, 16 December 2011
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1 wishes // make a wish?

i am not a choosy one .
coz i know im not perfect. but im owez hope that , one day when i open my eye
i see u smile at me and wish me just a little word 'goodmorning,love'

that words will make my day . trust me . its miracle .
im not asking u anything , but im really happy if u owez remember me .
if u wanna do something , go anywhere , u will remember me first .
ohmygod,im really glad if it's really happen to me .
im only hope that u love me more and more day by day , time by time .

make me happy , im not asking u to buy me something , dont misunderstand .
i just wanna be happy with u . just be with me , it's oredy enough for me .

honest to me , trust me .
be good to me , it's nice .

dont cheat on me . pls , im begging u .
if u dont love me anymore , than leave me .

i think its hard to find someone like this .
but im preety sure , it's out there .
still could not finding me here ?
pls hurry . 

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