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Wednesday, 11 January 2012
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eh , chinese new year is around the corner oredy nahh .
but still didn't get a chance to go mall for shopping plus see how is preparation for chinese new year .
as we know & see , there are a lots of chinese stay here, ipoh .
so , maybe the preparation more bigger than other place .
in my mind , there are a lots of red 'tanglung' that hanging along the way .

ahh , my dream didn't seem to be true . LOL
eh , where is 'tanglung' ? red 'tanglung' ?
-my dreams were destroyed-

once i reached JJ at Kinta City ,
im happy to see although not really awesome , but still have the preparation for chinese new year .
good job JJ , what im waiting for is sales !
i really hope that there are a lots of sales here .

but, not all have a sales .
Padini.co for sure there is sales . everyday they have sales .
no need wait for hariraya,chrismas and so ever .

almost 5 hours we're there looking around just like 100years didn't go to mall .
but none of them make me crazy spend my money .
i think it's not my taste . and im not interested with any of them .
so good ahh , my money doesn't finish then . haha

waiting for my friend to pick up us .
about 11.30pm we're reached home .
and now , my eyes didn't seem can stand anymore .
then,goodnite. sweetdream .

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