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Monday, 6 February 2012
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hai, sory, for some reason i have to deactivated my acc fb .
so that's why you cannot click the fb icon in this blog . i mean the fb icon in left side this blog .
currently not available, right?

i dont know if i'll activate it again or maybe create a new acc , im not sure yet .
but if i do, then i'll inform. hoho, *macam la aku femes sangat*
just for anyone who know me la and maybe you will
shock when im not your friend in fb anymore.
please do not misunderstood, im not remove or block you.
i just deactivated it.

so, who is know me,and there's something to tell me,then you have my number , right?
just contact me from there ^_^
or,just follow me on twitter,okeh? 
so..i just wanna say that.hmm have a nice day -.-"

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