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Tuesday, 7 February 2012
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currently i am busy with korean drama, not assignment .
there're some assignment that i must finish it quickly, just my brain didn't work properly
this few days, then i couldn't finish it.

i just have feeling to watch korean drama.
after repeatedly watching My Girlfriend Is Gumiho, then i start watching HeartStrings.

how i know about this drama? from my friend's twitter acc.
Bella, she owez tweet about this drama. after a lots of her tweet about this drama, suddenly
one day, i search this drama at JieAzzMovie's, and then i found it !

i dont know but suddenly i am happy.
because ? haha, my hero, my oppa, my boyfie - Jung Yong Hwa is the lead actor !
omg, i am very excited to watch this drama.

with a slow line wifi, i am trying to donlod until finish, but now i only finish 
donlod episode 12, there're 4 episode i couldn't have not finish .
but i'll try to finish all.
so, currently i finish watching until episode 12 and that so awesome !

Sweet, loving, take care, responsible, and many more.
this drama is so cool ! seriously , im not lie .

this drama genre is Romance comedy drama. starring Jung Yong Hwa as lead actor and Park Shin Hye as lead actress.something happen to their love. curious? then try watch it .

Enjoy this song .

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