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Sunday, 26 February 2012
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hye peeps. I'm now in a very good mood to share.
People will not be able to run from their problem. But we can forget about the problem for a while just to cheer up your life. Me too. Although I've a problem that owez make me down, sad, depressed but I know I must endure it so that it will not disturb my life and make my life miserable .
I will not gonna let it happen to my life .
never. really hope that.

To cherish my life, I'm trying to do something that will make me forget about the problem.
so I guess, I must hang out with my friends. Laugh like crazy people. Eat without stop.
Singing in the car although the liric was not correct but still sing with the high-confident.
And I know I must do it.

Here, Batu Gajah, I dont have a lots of friends that close, who know my true condition. I just have Anne and Hui. But I dont regret it. I'm trying to be understanding friend, but maybe I'm not to good for them.
I'm not a perfect person who can satisfy all the people around me.
I cant. But I try to be, still I cant. So I think I must pull away from this stuff.

Anne, Hui and I went to Ipoh to find Nasi Ganja that was really famous at Ipoh.
Before heading to Ipoh, we stopped by at Jelapang to pick up Anne's friend, Kak Siti to go there with us.
We just know about this Nasi Ganja from internet. So last night, Anne and I google the location of Nasi Ganja and we found it ! Very glad that Anne knows the place.
Finally, We found it , Nasi Ganja Ipoh.
Wow..only that I can describe about the place. It's because, there were a lots of people queue to buy the Nasi Ganja. Just like at Nasi Kandar Line Clear at Penang. Just like that. same situation I guess.

Nasi Ganja Ipoh

Nasi Ganja was so awesome. The curry was really cook from a good chef.
After we finish our lunch, we went to Jusco Kinta City.
Just went there to window shopping. The money didn't give us to buy something is not necessary.

Take a walk until our foot stop in front of Secret Recipe.
I cant hold it anymore, I must eat them.
Finally, we took a desicions to eat at there.
I took a White-Dark Chocolate Cheese Cake and the others picked a different type of cake.
That was awesome. Really make me happy.

White-dark Chocolate CheeseCake

After that, we went to Airport. Airport that I mentions here, is not airport airoplane, but a place with a lots of shop in there. Not a mall. I dont know how to described it. Just consider that you understand what I said.

Just like that my day come to the end. But enough to make me forget about the problem that I've to face.
Before arrived at Hostel, We stopped by at Just To Eat at Batu Gajah to buy some breads.
And continued the journey. 
This day really make me happy. Thanks guys. Muah !
Really tired. Nite Peeps.

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