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Saturday, 25 February 2012
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because I'm too busy, I just didn't get a time to write in this blog.
I've got my allowance about RM600++ at 23th.
to celebrate it, my friends and I go to MP GARDEN,IPOH to spend the money together.
haha, not all the money, just spend for dinner .

so we go to MP GARDEN. MP garden is famous around here ( Ipoh ).
MP Garden is where we can eat steamboat and bbq .
so, for us, we take 2 in 1 - steamboat and bbq for RM24 per person.
if just steamboat, RM17 per person only, but it must 10pm above.

Just eat all of them, what you wanna eat, just take it and cook yourself.err I mean, steam yourself or bbq them. you must do it yourself. There is icecream too for desert. cake, and many more.
eat until you die. if you not finish all the food that you take, you must pay again , 100g for RM10.
so, conclusion is, you must finish what have you take.

we just got our awesome dinner together. a happy time together.
just us and thats so cool being happy just like that. arguing about this shrimp belongs to whom? this chicken belongs to whom? can I take this ? haha, I love it .
that was so cool ! awesome place. if you has a chance come to Ipoh, just 
drop by this place for your dinner. check it out !

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