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Friday, 9 March 2012
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* Alhamdulillah *
Good news for them, my senior. They finally got their posting letter from Ministry Of Health yesterday.
Thank God. I know they've worried when other course have got their letter but not them.
Some of them happy, because they satisfied with their new workplace.

But there're some of them were sad, horror when they open their letter, they saw their own hometown will be their new workplace. Why they're sad? Why they didn't feel * fuhhh * ? Why? Because 
they are still young. And they want to work far away from their hometown.
They want their freedom as a young people.

I understand what they feel right now.
But guys, you know right, anythings happen for a reason.
God know what is the best for us.
He oredy arrange our life toward happiness.
Just believe in God.

I wonder if I'm in the same situation.
Maybe I feel sad, or maybe I'll be happy. Why?
coz its easy to come back home. :)

So, I trust in God. I'll let Him to show me the right path to go.
*smile , never die*

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