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Thursday, 12 April 2012
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happy Thursday to all people in the world!
People, you should smile to the world, and the world will smile to you too :)
I dont know the exactly date for MothersDay. But,
i just wanna wish to my mum after all.
so, mum, please hear my wish :)

Dear mum, 
Do you know, who's the most beautiful women in the world ?
Do you know, who's the pretiest women in the world ?
Do you know, who's the most talented chef in the morld ?
Do you know, who 's the most good teacher in the world ?
Do you know, who's the lovely mother in the world ?
I guess you didn't know who she is, but I will tell you who is she.
This is a secret, okay. People out there didn't know about it too, only me, abang, adik-adik
and abah know who is she.
So, you wanna know who she is ?
She is Puan Ramlah Binti AbdulRahman :)

Yes, its you, mum. Shocked? Well, you are the best women in the world.
Maybe you are not aware about it, but us know it.
Let people talk bad about you out there, but I know you the most.

Mum, thanks for being there when i nid you most.
Thanks for feeding me until i become fat like this.
Thanks for wiping my tear whenever i feel sad.
Thanks for hugging me whenever im scared of something.
Thanks for teach me how to be a good daughter.
Thanks for love me, i know your love to me never less, and its become more and more
day by day, hour by hour and minute by minute.
Thanks for letting me to decide which one is better for my life.

I know I cant buy you at any market or mall. You're the only one and supermama to me.
What can I do for you mum? Just tell me. I will try my best to make you happy
like how you colouring my life until now.


#HappyMothersDay to you.
Lots of love from your only and one daughter :)

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