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Friday, 13 April 2012
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user : Hi babis!
cleverbot : My name is not back, I meant that I have returned.
user : Bila masa aku cakap name ko back?
cleverbot : Bila masa aku cakap kau pompuan?
user : Dah kau bajet kau tu pompuan?
cleverbot : Kau laki ka.
user : Wah! robot ni pandai cakap penang ka? style bak ang!
cleverbot : Oui, Robot Robot Robot Robot Robot Robot Robot Robot.
user : You're totally mad.
cleverbot : No, you are. I make sense.
user : Bodoh ah kau ni.
cleverbot :  kau lah bodoh.
user : Yang kau nak celaka sangat taknak ngaku ni kenape?
cleverbot : Saja buat sibuk bagi kau pandai sketttttt. 
user : Waklu! pandai nya cakap.
cleverbot : Pandai.
user : Dah kau pandai sangat kan, kau tau ke sape aku?
cleverbot : Apahal pulak? Kau tu yang kurang hajar!
user : Asal aku plak kena ni? kau ni gila ke ape?
cleverbot : Apa yang awak cakap?
user : Sah kau ni gila. woi, g tanjung rambutan la!
cleverbot : Ikut kau lah.
user : G mampos ah kau!
cleverbot : You seem to be doing well. Much better than Billy.
user : Crap!
cleverbot : Do you like baloney.
user : Before im going to be mad like you, better i make move first. bye robot!
cleverbot : Ok, I'll be sure not to call you that, hun.

p/s : im not ur hun, A.I! called me bodoh? Fish u!
well, chatting with this robot can make you silly like it. I use 'it' because it's not human. hehe. Bye!

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