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Sunday, 15 April 2012
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Hi, as a Malaysian, I have a right to choose, like, dislike or makihamun the actor or actress in Malaysia.
ekekekekeee.. No la, Just joking hokay. Dont take it serious.
its not good to our health :)

I just wanna list the actor in Malaysia that I love to see and craving to know about them.
well, i think there are a lots actually, so izinkan beta menge'list' ya.

- Shaheizy Sam, ofcoz la. I love to see him with Yana Shamsudin. #auw
- Aaron Aziz, why he's not in first? because he's oredy married. kekekekeeke
- Mael Lambong @ Abang Long Dil, Zizan lettew! I like him hokay :)
- Johan RajaLawak, because he's silly to much and make me laugh to death.
- Asyraf Muslim, i think he's cool
- Farid Kamil, i thinks he's in love with Lisa Surihani, then i guess not, but i still like him. Budak Setan :)
- Iqram Dinzly, haa even a lots of people said that he's baran, but i thinks he's cute.
- Botak! a.k.a Johan. well, he's quite cute with his botak style.
- Apek @ Khairul Fahmi Che Mat, okay, even he's not actor, but he's famous!
- Zoey, err I hope to see him and take a pic :)

I thinks thats enough for now. I cant think other than that.
Have a nice sleep guys.
Sweetdream yawww !

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