Monday, 7 May 2012
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Hi !
i'm so boring tonight, so that's why i come here again.
Yup, tomorrow i still have an exam, but my head was totally out of service. Damn it.
I cant do anything because of this. My exam was teribble. Once 2 paper down, and it didn't work properly, then i have no courage to continue other 1 paper for tomorrow.
Sorry to my buddy today, i dont know what im doing. I just cant do it :'(

The main point i wanna write is not about my problem, but
it's about a ring.
A ring? Yes, for me its kind of symbol for something.
Why suddenly i wanna write about this ring? because, this morning i saw Anne wearing a ring :) so perfect with her finger. And i suddenly thinking about the ring.
The ring is symbol of something, right?
Err, i guess it's true then.
Okay, i dont know what exactly i'm doing right now, so i just wanna take a nap. My head is not in good condition. Bye then. Gdnight.

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